It’s Cody Again

Hey Adam,
It’s Cody again. Today, I thought, with better reception, I could tell you something important. And that is that I’ve been listening to that Marathon album and not only do I really enjoy it, but I feel like I’m shopping at the thrift store of music history. And I’m finding these bizarre, beautiful items, and they’re cheap and they’re like way better than the ones that you can get commercially, normally. But they’re weird and they function differently, and they’re not like I’m used to. And I like them but they make me feel somewhat embarrassed while being inspired, almost embarrassed by being inspired. And that’s why I like Marathon…this time. Okay.

[A phone message left by Cody. You can listen to and buy the Marathon album here, or at Cafe Resonance on February 1st.]



yes things no people say


Yes things no people say is the name of the new Marathon record, which is now available for download and streaming.
You can listen to it here.
Our next show is February 1st 2013, at Resonance in Montreal.
Thanks for listening!