Immobile Intensities

Proust: “After all, what one always does when one travels is to verify something; one verifies that a color one dreamed of is really there.”

Deleuze: “A bad dreamer is someone who doesn’t go see if the color he dreamed about is really there, but a good dreamer knows that one has to verify if the color is real.”

Deleuze (again):

Parnet asks if this theme of travel is related to Deleuze’s natural slowness, and Deleuze says no, that he doesn’t conceive of traveling as slow, but in any case he feels no need to move. All the intensities that he has are immobile intensities. Intensities distribute themselves, he says, in space or other systems that aren’t necessarily exterior spaces. Deleuze assures Parnet that when he reads a book or hears music that he considers beautiful, he really gets the feeling of passing into states or emotions that he would never find in travel…Deleuze says that there is a geo-music, a geo-philosophy, that he considers to be profound countries, that are his countries.


True or false: we never really got to know each other

True or false: you’re getting soft

True or false: distance brings us closer

Ture or false: it’s all up in the air

True or false: someday you’ll cut your hair and I won’t recognize you

True or false: it’s the sand that smells like the ocean

Yes or no: these days it’s like everyone’s forgotten something

True or false: those clouds over there look pretty bad

True or false: never masturbate when you’re mother’s home

True or false: this is a song

Yes or no: yes

I can’t tell

True or false: you could be a lot nicer to me

True or false: 1984 was a good year

Yes or no: I’m writing all of this down

True or false: always look a girl in the eyes

True or false: there’s a fine line here

Yes or no: I was right all along


True or false: this is a stretch but…

True or false: I feel pretty good right now.


This is the back of the Marathon record that is coming out sometime this Fall. Look out world.